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Grant call for Resource Efficiency, Building Efficiency and Sustainable Urban Solutions

How do tomorrow’s industrial spaces look like? What technologies will allow us to sustainably manage industrial facilities, reduce business and environmental costs, while maximising the comfort of occupants? Through this S$5,000,000 grant call, JTC aims to support the development of cost-effective and productive solutions to increase the efficiency of buildings.

Main Objective

JTC aims to identify technology owners and research institutions with innovative concepts, and co-fund applied research & development (R&D), test-bed and/or pilot demonstration in selected JTC developments. The intention is to crowdsource for effective solutions and deploy them in JTC’s existing and new developments.


Proposals submitted shall involve two (2) development phases to be completed within 24 months:

Phase 1 is the applied Research and Development (R&D) phase, involving laboratory-scale testing on the feasibility of technologies. To be completed within a maximum of 12 months.

Phase 2 is the test-bedding phase of the technologies and solutions at JTC’s sites, for demonstration and verification of these technologies/systems that are new to Singapore and require proof of feasibility in Singapore’s tropical climate. To be completed within a maximum of 12 months.


A total grant of up to S$5,000,000 is available.

Applicants may receive funding up to 100% of the eligible qualifying costs, subject to evaluation and qualification by JTC, and capped at S$500,000 per proposal. All final test-bedding phases must be conducted in Singapore. For international applicants without any presence in Singapore, please indicate your anticipated expenses in Singapore Dollars to conduct the final test-bed phase locally as part of the funding request in their proposal.

JTC reserves the right to select the proposals to be awarded the grant and close the grant call before the stipulated end date if sufficient proposals have been shortlisted. For the avoidance of doubt, JTC reserves the right not to award the grant to any proposal.


We welcome all enterprises and research institutions, both Singaporean and international enterprises and companies. Start-ups and incubators registered with local authorities in their respective countries are welcome to participate. Research institutions shall declare if the proposal has received funding from other sources.

Evaluation Criteria

The following are criteria which the panel of evaluators will consider in the evaluation of proposal:

• Innovativeness

Solutions have to demonstrate innovativeness, demonstrating how adoption of this solution would push technology and sustainability.

• Ease of implementation

Solutions shall be implemented in existing buildings relatively seamlessly, with limited disruption to the operation and existing tenants.

• Scalability

Proposals shall take into consideration that solution proposed is scalable and replicable in other buildings/ developments.

• Economic Value-Add

Where applicable, applicants shall provide a projection of additional skilled professional jobs created in Singapore for Professionals, Managers and Engineers (PMEs) or the prospect of setting up of high value operations or headquarters in Singapore, when the solution is commercialized.

• Cost Effectiveness

Solutions shall be cost effective as compared to conventional products and alternatives. Feasibility of commercializing this technology on a large-scale basis shall be taken into consideration.

• Location of R&D and Test-Bedding (Required)

For applicants who have no presence in Singapore, final R&D phase shall be conducted in Singapore. All anticipated expenses to conduct the final R&D phase locally could be factored in as part of the funding request for evaluation.

All projects in the test-bedding phase must be conducted in Singapore. JTC will co-assess with the grant awardee on the suitability of the facility/ location site for deployment of the technology. Download Info Pack here

Points of Contact

Tina Chua
Tina Chua

Senior Manager, JTC Innovation Programme Office

Tai Xinwen
Tai Xinwen

Manager, CleanTech Department

For more information and inrquiries, please email to the points of contact at JTC_Grant_Call@tc.gov.sg