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Grant call for Resource Efficiency, Building Efficiency and Sustainable Urban Solutions

How do tomorrow’s industrial spaces look like? What technologies will allow us to sustainably manage industrial facilities, reduce business and environmental costs, while maximising the comfort of occupants? Through this S$5,000,000 grant call, JTC aims to support the development of cost-effective and productive solutions to increase the efficiency of buildings.


CleanTech Park

CleanTech Park hosts an innovation-driven cluster of businesses, entrepreneurs and researchers that are dedicated to pushing the frontiers of cleantech research and sustainable manufacturing. At CleanTech Park, innovators and R&D professionals can be part of a vibrant and thriving community that offers opportunities for collaboration and business growth.

The first development in the Park, JTC CleanTech One, was conceptualized as a living capsule with an emphasis on resource efficiency to showcase the many possibilities in sustainable development. It has since attracted leading-edge public and private R&D organisations such as the Nanyang Environment & Water Research Institute (NEWRI), the Energy Research Institute @ NTU (ERI@N), and private research companies like DHI Water & Environment (S) Pte Ltd that specializes in water and environmental research and consultancy.

JTC CleanTech Two was completed to meet the increasing demand for workshops and flexible spaces with heavier floor loading, higher height clearances, and greater electrical power requirements to support research in clean and sustainable manufacturing technologies and advanced prototyping activities.

When fully completed by 2030, the 50-hectare eco-business park is expected to house 20,000 green collar professionals.

CleanTech Park


In the 2000s, Singapore had a renewed focus on R&D and innovation-intensive activities with investments in biomedical sciences, clean technologies, internet & digital media. To facilitate this transformation, a new class of infrastructure had to be created. Hence, the one-north concept was born to provide a new landscape where knowledge workers would work, live, play and learn in a vibrant community. The 200-hectare estate was envisioned to be a world-class science hub that would attract and grow globally-renowned researchers and cutting-edge innovations, taking advantage of Singapore’s sound regulatory and ethical framework for intellectual property protection.

one-north was launched by then Deputy Prime Minister Tony Tan on 4 December 2001, and JTC was appointed the master developer of this distinctive estate. Since then, one-north has grown to be a vibrant hotspot for research, innovation, and test- bedding. Its world-class business park facilities are designed to promote R&D in the areas of Biomedical Sciences, Infocomm and Media, supported by strong Science & Engineering capabilities. The second phase of development will deepen Electronics R&D, and seed the growth of emerging sectors like Consumer Businesses & Lifestyle.